Notes: To save a project, you can either request a consent form, get permission from your parents and have your own Trinket account (which can be set up in school, or can be set up by your parents – we need a completed consent form before you can use your own account) – then save using Remix, or use the share option to create a new link. Every time you change the code, the link will change. You then need to save the link to get back into your Trinket. The easiest way is to paste the link into a Word document, then save it as ‘Trinket Links’ – don’t forget to make a note of which project the link works with!

BBC Micro:Bit Projects

More BBC Micro:bit Projects


Module 1

Project 1 – About me.

Project 2 – Rock, Paper, Scissors


Project 3 – Turtle Race

Project 4 – Team Chooser

Project 5 – Colourful Creations

Project 6 – Secret Messages

This is the end of Module 1 – if you’ve done all six projects, and they’ve been checked, you’ve earned a certificate – well done!

Module 2

Project 1 – Modern Art

Project 2 – Popular Pets

Project 3 – RPG (Make your own maze game)

Project 4 – Map the International Space Station

Project 5 – Robo-Trumps

Project 6 – CodeCraft

When you reach here, having done all the projects and had them checked, you have gained the Level 2 Python certificate from Code Club. Well done!